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1. Introduction

2. Match Play

3. Stolen Moments

4. Little London's Lullaby (feat. Bridget Ramsey)

5. Lake Como (Remix) (feat. Roy Richardson)

6. Interlude: and Did I Mention? (feat. Chris Syms)

7. Intermission

8. Sketches of Your Smile (feat. Bridget Ramsey)

9. Someone Is Listening (feat. June Townes & Greg Payne)

10. Interlude: In the Colored Waiting Room (feat. Kathy Lou Schultz)

11. Curva Peligrosa

12. Gettin' Ready for Church (feat. Austin Woodlin)

13. Break Bread (feat. Millie Gonzalez, Rick Tate & Rod McGaha)

14. The Big Cat Grooving (feat. Tony Smith)

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