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An independent label, The MusiQ Department boasts two artists alongside Dr. Guy and the MusiQology band. The first, Bridget Ramsey, is a soulful soprano whose resume reaches across history, drawing on the jazz standards she was raised on and revamping them for the contemporary moment. Her music is about balance—of past and present, of specificity and eclecticism, of technique and passion. 

Her recent music video performance of the classic “Save Your Love For Me” (part of an EP, Jazz NonStandards) was a musical love letter to Philadelphia. Vince Anthony sings from a place of vulnerability, engaging with issues of poverty, queer sexuality, Millennial identity, and the search for profound human connection in a digital age. His recent releases include a concept EP, Black Child: A Song Cycle and a music video for the single “Hurricane.” Both artists have received recent favorable coverage on WXPN’s The Key.

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Denise King, Fever (R.E.D.D. King Records, 2001), pianist, arranger.


(The following released independently on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube)


Dr. Guy’s Musiqology, Y the Q? (2007), composer, producer, arranger

Dr. Guy’s Musiqology, The Colored Waiting Room (2011), composer, producer, arranger

Bridget Ramsey, B-Eclectic (2016), producer, arranger

Bridget Ramsey, Jazz NonStandards (2018), producer, arranger

Vince Anthony, Black Child: A Song Cycle (2018), producer

Guthrie Ramsey, A Spiritual Vibe, no. 1 (2020), composer, producer, arranger

Guthrie Ramsey, “Do Not Pass Me By,” single (2021), producer, arranger

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